jeudi 8 mars 2018




Copyright SACEM August 14th 2017.

You want my opinion on sex? I’ll give it to you: overrated and overdone, very much so... Let’s take an example : Kamasutra, 100 positions... 100 positions* ... ?????!!!!!????? When 1 or 2 would be largely sufficient to cover our recommended daily intake, uh? Listen! Frankly... OK, agreed ! We do not all have to like the same ones, you are right... Feel free... but stiiiiiilllllll... 

It is a bit like going to the supermarket and choosing from the 100 varieties offered… You reach saturation point, you understand, and you end up not knowing which way to turn, not to mention that the whole thing takes an awful lot of time, time that could easily be used for something much more meaningful, OK, deeper if it's clearer for you... No, really... 

And frankly, if you look at the 100, how many really epitomize true creativity ? Very few, if you want my opinion, very few. The guy, Vatsyayana , was stuck at home, on a Tuesday, it was raining, he thought « Well, what could I do with my day ? What about listing a few positions in case I lost my memory ? » That’s how things went, you see… After a while, he looked through the window, saw that it was still raining and so he went on... and on... He was working on the 64th one when all of a sudden no more ink. He realized he had to stop, otherwise he would still be working on it... 

No, no, really, very overdone... The guy was well equipped, that’s all; he just moved his cursor in the tool box: move vertically, move horizontally, zoom-in, magic wand, bucket fill, blend, align, move again, rotate 360°, flip, smudge, perspective, sensaround, and that’s it, you know, all in all not overly complicated... when you have the right tools... ^^ 

* I am most certainly going to disappoint some of you around here, but there are only 64 positions in Kamasutra, so said Wikipedia :)