jeudi 8 mars 2018




Copyright SACEM August 21st 2017

Being renovated, yes,... well, not me, my appartment...

Who just said « It might be time to start thinking about it too, Isa... »?

Hey you, yes, you in the last row, come over here, snowflake!

You will write 125 times..., why 125? Because love doesn’t count the cost, that’s why! Don’t make things worse for you! You’ll write 150 times « Silence on the set! Isa is working, for touch-ups come back later! » 150 times... Go back to your seat now!... 

With a smile on your face!

Needless to say, I’ll add you back only when it’s done...

Now... let me see, where was I?... Oh, yes! On my terrasse... I am sitting here just like a refugee between the refrigerator and the watering-can... I catch sight of my feet, nearly levitating over a window box of geraniums and beyond my feet, which I can say are quite pretty, I see the world... and all of a sudden, in a bunch of sparkles, ideas come to me at 120mph (well, let’s say 100). Quick! To write them down I need. And so, in one move, I grab my rock and my chisel and for posterity these words I engrave : « Yes, my field is fallow and so what...?? » ; carried away by my own momentum, I quickly carve and paste a second "And so what??...", at which point, letting go of my rock and chisel, filling my lungs with early morning air, my hands on my ribs, my chest opened wide, in one breath I let out these words for all that want to hear:

« Yes, my field is fallow (1)
Fallow and proud to be
Fallow, but willingly,
Fallow, yes, but jointly.

Ladies, please remember,
Fallow is not barren (2)
Fallow is not desolate... (3)

And so, frolic you may.
Twirl around, hop about!
Drink in all the laughters
Joyfully, gleefully!
Drink in the luscious scents
Ravished by ecstasy,
Enchantment and content!

Enjoy life, make it yours,
Every blessed day,
Live it to the fullest
Savour it with relish
And appreciation!
Breathe in deeply, Ladies,
Breathe in the happy scents
Of the field left fallow.

Gather them in bouquets
Dainty, bright and shiny
Or gorgeously glowing.
Just do as you deem wise
And as pleases your soul.
Fill it with the colors
And all the pretty tones
Of the field left fallow!

Live your life, Ladies, live
Whatever may befall,
Don’t ever wait for some,
To give you permission!
Life’s only a moment,
No time for languishing.
Life’s only a moment,
No time for languishing... »

Moved by the words and by all the work done, feeling it is useless to expand on it more, I cast a proud eye over the rope ladder and leave the balcony, serene and comforted...

(1) Fallow : (of land) plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated
More on:  Cambridge Dictionary
(2) Barren : unproductive; unfruitful.
More on:  
Cambridge Dictionary
(3) Desolate : solitary, lonely.
More on:  
Cambridge Dictionary