jeudi 15 mars 2018



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SACEM 15th March 2018

Absence of cervico-occipital joint
Absence of bulbo-medullary junction
I am wondering, Doctor ... Absence of cervico-occipital joint... OK, I am not THAT surprised, considering how zealous the jackhammers are... BUT absence of bulbo-medullary junction at that......... isn’t it a bit much for a one and only woman, uh ?? What do you think ?...

Well, I know you don’t type the reports yourself, but what do you mean exactly by it isn’t the end of the world…?? [Deep breath ...] So, if I am to follow your line of reasoning, Doctor, it is now up to the patients themselves to detect the fake news in the reports ... Oh well, why didn’t you say so right from the start...  I guess the most compos mentis among us will get by fine ; I just hope the rest are not weak-hearted ...

Pardon me?   “It should have been : Absence of abnormality in the cervico-occipital joint ... only one word was missing… abnormality...”
Yes, but what a word, Doctor, what a word ! Doubly conspicuous by its absence ... And what can be deduced from that? Uh ? Well, that Isa has neither joint nor junction, in other words, that Isa is disjointed and misaligned, you see, a bit disturbing…

Yes, I understand, no, no, far be it from me to put the blame on your assistant, Doctor, I know she is completely overworked, poor woman. But let me just suggest a few abbreviations for your future reports, to speed things up a bit more:
Absence of abnormality in the cervico-occipital joint: AAC-OJ
No, no, let’s save time, AACOJ
Now, I must agree with you, Doctor, if there is no abnormality, indicating that there is one seems rather superfluous. So that gives us ACOJ.
Finally the joint does not appear to be very useful either since we have seen here above that it could be absent ... therefore that leaves us ultimately with ...  A
Well, there you are, Doctor! A!
Ok, I see you got the general idea ; I’ll let you do the same with the junction and the rest. Oh, no, no, no, don’t thank me, it's nothing really... don’t mention it! Happy to help.
Well, I am going now, I know you’re busy; my joint, my junction and I are on our way, feeling light and relieved.
CU Doc ! 

Oh! I almost forgot, just one more thing…  I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings, but these euh... sounds..., they don’t make you feel like booking your spot in advance, you know, you’ll never hit it big with those, Doc, believe me…